This report presents the results of a survey of New Zealanders, 12 years of age and more. Commissioned by the Alcohol Advisory Council, it was specifically undertaken in order to identify and segment the current attitudes (motivators and inhibitors) and behaviours of New Zealanders towards the consumption of alcohol.

Additional information:

Have_(encrypted)_NHI No
Personally identifiable (e.g. linked to NHI numbers) and longitudinal or aggregated (e.g. for planning, clinical research etc.)? aggregated data reported; no identifying info is recorded
Volume of data (e.g. how many records) Since when? 2004
Scope National
Does the data contain diagnoses and clinical outcomes? Does the data contain procedures, device information and medication for therapy? Does this data set have cost / price data? no
Presence of Data dictionary? Column headings in Excel or any kind of data model if residing in a relational database (e.g. Access, SQL Server, Oracle etc.) Questionnaire, full code list, report
Linked (or linkable) to other datasets within your organisation or across the Sector Not linked
How often does this data set get updated? Daily? Weekly? Monthly? Quarterly? Yearly? Yearly
How quickly can the data be made available from time of request and how old is the data once it is made available HG: aggregated data is publicly available