The National Medical Care Survey (NatMedCa) on primary health care providers and patient visits to them was carried out in 2001/02. 9 more in-depth reports on aspects of primary health care delivery were: Family Doctors: Methodology and description of the activity of private GPs; Primary Health Care in Community-governed Non-Profits: The work of doctors and nurses; Maori Providers: Primary health care delivered by doctors and nurses; A Comparison of Primary Health Care Provided by Rural and Non-Rural General Practices The work of doctors in accident and medical clinics A comparison of Māori and non- Māori patient visits to doctors; Pacific patterns in primary health care: a comparison of Pacific and all patient visits to doctors; A description of activity of selected hospital emergency departments in New Zealand; Nurses and their work in primary health care.

Additional information:

Volume of data (e.g. how many records) Since when? Data were contributed by 199 private GPs, they logged 36,211 visits and provided detailed information on 8258. 44 practitioners (24 doctors and 20 nurses) employed at six community-governed non-profit practices. Patient log and visit data was also collected by 28 nurses in community governed practices. Data was collected for 1,815 patient visits and 410 detailed consultations. 4 EDs from their electronic data capture systems. They reported routinely collected data on a total of 15,655 visits over the four weeks.
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