The New Zealand Smoking Monitor (NZSM) is a survey of current smokers and recent quitters and is undertaken by the Health Sponsorship Council (HSC) on behalf of the Ministry of Health. It is undertaken every two weeks and measures current and changing knowledge, attitudes and behaviours relating to smoking and quitting.

Additional information:

Scope National
Does the data contain diagnoses and clinical outcomes? Does the data contain procedures, device information and medication for therapy? Does this data set have cost / price data? no
Presence of Data dictionary? Column headings in Excel or any kind of data model if residing in a relational database (e.g. Access, SQL Server, Oracle etc.) Questionnaire, full code list, report
Brief info about the systems and processes used to collect/manage data. Q: Where the data is collected, in what form, and accessibility? The NZSM was run continuously for one year from July 2011 to June 2012. Interviews are conducted fortnightly.
How quickly can the data be made available from time of request and how old is the data once it is made available HG: aggregated data is publicly available