The goal of the project is to develop a South Island-wide Cancer Registry (METRIQ) that utilises MOSAIQ, the patient management system used by all three South Island cancer centres, Christchurch and Dunedin public cancer centres and St George’s private cancer centre. This project will provide shared learning with the North Island Cancer Centres who have MOSAIQ with the potential for them to link to the METRIQ Cancer Registry in the future. SICCIS Goals: To improve collection, storage, and accessibility of cancer data (from first specialist assessment and staging, through planning, treatment, follow-up, and long-term survivorship) for clinicians, cancer researchers, and funders and planners To foster regional collaboration and cooperation between clinicians, planners and funders To facilitate inter-cancer centre access to cancer data on the South Island

Additional information:

Have_(encrypted)_NHI Yes
Personally identifiable (e.g. linked to NHI numbers) and longitudinal or aggregated (e.g. for planning, clinical research etc.)? NHI
Scope Regional
Does the data contain diagnoses and clinical outcomes? Does the data contain procedures, device information and medication for therapy? Does this data set have cost / price data? Yes - Dx; Yes - treatment; Yes - outcome
Presence of Data dictionary? Column headings in Excel or any kind of data model if residing in a relational database (e.g. Access, SQL Server, Oracle etc.) Demographic; Tumour: Clinical T-TNM, Clinical N-TNM, Clinical M-TNM, Clinical Stage Group AJCC, Diagnostic Confirmation, Distant Metastasis 1, Distant Metastasis 2, Distant Metastasis 3, Grade, Histology, Laterality, Nodes Examined, Nodes Positive, Pathologic T-TNM, Pathologic N-TNM, Pathologic M-TNM, Pathologic Stage Group AJCC, Primary Site, Text Primary, TNM Edition Dates: Date of Last Contact, Date of Diagnosis, Date of Initial Contact
Linked (or linkable) to other datasets within your organisation or across the Sector Can import data directly from the MOSAIQ® electronic medical record and PowerPath® anatomic pathology system, facilitating smooth integration of incoming records